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We hope you will join us as we transition from our very "normal" life to something a little less traditional. We are not experts in downsizing, minimalism, early retirement, or full-time RV living. In fact, we’re not experts in anything! Our goal for this blog is simply to share our travels and adventures with our friends and family. Along the way we hope to continuously learn, grow, and laugh.  

Kayaking the Beautiful Mississippi River Backwaters!

Kayaking the Beautiful Mississippi River Backwaters!

When Lee and I were still just dreaming about our vision of our future life, ( which is now our present life ) it included kayaking. I LOVE kayaking! I had been kayaking ( maybe ) 3 times, and I thought I was a natural! I kayaked 2 times on Ada Lake, in northern Wisconsin, ( thanks Dad! ) and once in the ocean in Marco Island, Florida. SO much experience, eh?

Our campground at Goose Island County Park was the perfect place for us to try out our new kayaks. We are steps away from the Mississippi River Backwaters. So yesterday, Lee got our kayaks out for the first time! It took a lot of work for him to get them ready. After about an hour and a half of unpacking, unfurling, and inflating, we were ready to go! We carried our kayaks about 100 yards to the little beach area where we could launch. Once we got in, ( NOT a pretty or graceful picture! ) we started paddling upstream. I IMMEDIATELY did NOT feel like a natural!! In fact, I was quite scared!! I was afraid of tipping over. I was afraid of the little wake that the fishing boats were creating. It didn’t make any sense. I’m a natural!! Ha!! Lee IS a natural. He was NOT scared!


See how happy he looks!

We paddled upstream for about a half an hour. We didn’t travel very far in that time. I think my anxiety slowed us down! The way back only took us 15 minutes because we were paddling downstream. What a difference.

This morning we went for the 2nd time. The kayaks were already pumped up and waiting for us. So, once again, we carried them to the little beach area. This time I knew what to expect. I was prepared. I wasn’t scared. What a glorious difference a day makes!


It was so beautiful and calming. We paddled upstream again for a half an hour, but this time we got a little bit farther. It must be because after one day, we are in super awesome shape. NOT! It was really enjoyable. A great experience. We even saw a bald eagle perched in a tree! That is SO exciting for us!


The eagle is in that tree. Really!

I look forward to Lee and I kayaking MANY more times. Just like I had dreamed!

Long Cut Along The Mississippi.

Long Cut Along The Mississippi.

Glorious Praire du Chien!

Glorious Praire du Chien!