Hi, we’re Suze and Lee Weaver

We hope you will join us as we transition from our very "normal" life to something a little less traditional. We are not experts in downsizing, minimalism, early retirement, or full-time RV living. In fact, we’re not experts in anything! Our goal for this blog is simply to share our travels and adventures with our friends and family. Along the way we hope to continuously learn, grow, and laugh.  

"Up North"

"Up North"

“Up North”. A term I have always used to mean, Wabeno, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. My family is from “Up North” . Mom, Dad, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins….I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but I spent A LOT of time “Up North”. Most of my childhood memories are from “Up North”. Going up to see my grandparents, staying at the farm, my aunts and uncles teaching me to swim at Ada Lake, all the dogs and farm animals, haying season…

After Lee and I left Chippewa Falls, we headed “Up North”.


Lee and I both went into the Wabeno Logging museum while we waited for our laundry to finish at the laundromat across the street. Lee enjoyed the history and pictures and artifacts. I really enjoyed talking with the volunteer, Diane, who was working there. She knew my Grandma Goldie, my Great Aunt Ethel, my Great Uncle Tom, my Grandma Doris, my dad, and her husband went to high school with my mom! That was SO fun talking with her!


The first 2 nights we spent were at the Potowatomi Casino in Carter, Wisconsin. The casino has around 20 rv spots with electric hook-ups. They allow rv ers to stay for free for a maximum of 3 nights. They also offer a free release station and water fill station. Very generous. We enjoyed dinner at The Flames and breakfast at The Springs, during our stay there. It was a great place to settle in while we planned for our next campground.


We wanted our next campground to be at Ada Lake. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to be. Ada Lake is a spring fed lake that doesn’t allow gas motor boats. Only electric or canoes/kayaks/row boats…So it is very clean and quiet. On Sunday afternoon, we drove Ol’ Blue out to Ada. Almost all the weekend campers had gone. So we picked our ideal spot and drove back to the casino to get Goldie! Ada Lake here we come!


Our campsite had its own little path to the beach.


A view through the trees to the lake. Perfect!


Our first campfire!

The weather was great while we were there. We went for a bike ride around the lake and we kayaked one afternoon.


There were loons at Ada. We saw them while we were kayaking but didn’t get any pictures. Dang! But we did get to hear their loon songs all the time we were there.

I had dreamed of Lee and I bringing Goldie to Ada. And kayaking on Ada. A dream come true!

It was great to be “Up North” again. We were able to see some family, my dad, Kathleen, Kim, my uncle Dennis and his wife Jenny. I only got a couple of pictures. Again, dang!!


Me and my dad!


My uncle Dennis and his wife Jenny had us over for dinner. ( Dennis, you look so surprised! ) All vegetarian and all from their garden! Nice!

I need to get better about taking pictures of our family and friends!

Back Home in Milwaukee!

Back Home in Milwaukee!

Lake Wissota & the Leinkugel's Brewery Tour

Lake Wissota & the Leinkugel's Brewery Tour