Hi, we’re Suze and Lee Weaver

We hope you will join us as we transition from our very "normal" life to something a little less traditional. We are not experts in downsizing, minimalism, early retirement, or full-time RV living. In fact, we’re not experts in anything! Our goal for this blog is simply to share our travels and adventures with our friends and family. Along the way we hope to continuously learn, grow, and laugh.  

Back in Iowa City!

Back in Iowa City!

After The BOB and Hannibal, we headed to Iowa City. We lived in Iowa City for 16 years. It was good to be back. There was so much we wanted to do, and people we wanted to see, and FOOD we wanted to eat! We pulled in to Amana Colonies RV Park last Tuesday afternoon. After we settled in and started some laundry, our first visitors were due to arrive. Shannan, Charlie, and their daughter Cassidy, were our next door neighbors in Iowa City for 16 years! We hadn’t seen them in 4 years, since we moved away. They were interested in seeing Goldie and taking a tour of our new home. Shannan and Charlie drove in on their Harley! Did I get a picture? No! A bit later, Cassidy stopped by after work. Did I get a picture? No! Arghhh! We had a really nice visit and it was great to see our friends again!

Wednesday morning we had plans to meet our son Ryan for breakfast at our FAVORITE breakfast place in Iowa City. The Bluebird Cafe! Oh, how I had dreamed about my special breakfast. Now THAT, I got a picture of!!


Not our son Ryan, but a picture of my breakfast!! What a dope I am!! We had just seen Ryan at The BOB, but it was great to spend time with him alone. After our delicious breakfast, Lee and I had a bunch of errands to do. I had a haircut appointment with Dana, the lady who cut my hair when we lived in Iowa City. I bought some yarn at The Knitting Shoppe, where I had taken knitting lessons from Edyie nearly 20 years ago! Groceries, gas, Costco, laundromat, drug store…..We did errands for 7 1/2 hours! A full day and a good day!


The next day, Thursday, Ryan came over to see Goldie for the first time. Then we went to “linner” at our favorite pizza place, Wig and Pen Pizza. The best pizza we’ve ever had!! And that’s saying a lot because our family has researched MANY different pizza places!! Again, no picture of Ryan, but a picture of the pizza box!


We had a delicious “linner” and enjoyed our time with Ryan.

Friday was another action packed day. Our friend Karen drove over to our campground to see us and to “meet” Goldie. I think she liked her! We had a wonderful visit, talking and laughing! Just picking up right where we left off. So nice. Karen was so happy and excited for us. Did I get a picture? No! Friday afternoon, Shannan took me to lunch! What a nice treat. We went downtown, walked around a bit, had lunch, coffee, talked and talked…we had a lot of catching up to do and I don’t think we are even CLOSE to caught up! Did I get a picture? No!

Saturday was our last full day in Iowa City. In the morning we went to the Farmer’s market downtown. We used to LOVE to walk down there every Saturday. It’s my favorite farmer’s market.


We only took a picture of the food truck section. We did have a yummy breakfast burrito there! Later in the afternoon our friend Karrie came to see us. She was also our neighbor, “back in the day”. It was so great to see her! We visited for a couple of hours and it wasn’t enough time for me!! Ryan even came over again and we all visited and LAUGHED! Our son Ryan is friends with her sons. Ryan and Henry grew up together. I’m so happy they are still friends! Did I get a picture? No! Later in the evening Karen came back for a jam session! Karen has taught herself to play guitar and she wanted to play a little with Lee. It was really fun to watch and listen. They were playing, singing, learning…I had a front row seat! Did I get a picture? YES!!!


We had a really nice time being back in Iowa City. It was so nice to see everyone. Thank you friends for coming to see us and “meet” Goldie! Until next time…

Ol' Man River, he keeps on rollin' along...

Ol' Man River, he keeps on rollin' along...

Experiencing Two Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds.

Experiencing Two Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds.