Hi, we’re Suze and Lee Weaver

We hope you will join us as we transition from our very "normal" life to something a little less traditional. We are not experts in downsizing, minimalism, early retirement, or full-time RV living. In fact, we’re not experts in anything! Our goal for this blog is simply to share our travels and adventures with our friends and family. Along the way we hope to continuously learn, grow, and laugh.  

Under New Management!!

Under New Management!!

It’s official, Lee is retired!! As of 5:01 p.m. Friday, July 12th. Lee is under new management!


Lee received his official retirement papers from his team!


Lee packing up his work computer .


Lee emptying out his “BUSINESS” satchel! ‘Cause he was a “BUSINESS” man! Now he’s a travelin’ man!


Lee throwing out his “BUSINESS” satchel!



Now, a new chapter and new adventures! We’ll take the long cut!

Leaving Penn Wood.

Leaving Penn Wood.

What is The BOB, you may ask???

What is The BOB, you may ask???