Working from Goldie!

I have given notice so it’s official! I’m retiring! I’ve worked 29 years for the same company - if you exclude mergers and such. My last day of work will be Friday, July 12th. It’s a bit scary, but Suze and I are ready for the next stage.

The moment finally arrived!

On Friday April 19th we arrived at Colonial Airstream to pick up our rig, Goldie. We arrived early filled with excitement and disbelief. Excited that we were about to start our new adventure and disbelief that we were about to start our new adventure!

We Bought a Truck! It's Huge!

We bought a new Ford F250! We’ve been researching trucks for some time. We were hoping to find something slightly used, but we just couldn’t find what we wanted. So, we ended up with a 2019 silver F250 truck named Ol’ Blue.

Why Goldie?

My Grandma Goldie was an interesting and unique lady. She was funny, smart, stubborn, bossy, curious, …and ahead of her time. Although she died more than 20 years ago, she is still with me.

Preparing for a Big Life Change!

Suze and I have been downsizing since before our youngest son graduated high school.  Somehow we came to the realization that once the kids were out of the house, we would be free to live wherever we wanted.  As long as our work would allow it, we could explore a new lifestyle with less house and more adventure.